Sunday, 1 February 2009

Can I tell you about...

Sydney's Paddy's Markets. It's a place that people go to if they want fresh fruits, meat & vegetables at really low prices. And I mean low, in comparison to Coles, Wooly's and the rest.

So. I went there this morning after mass, and my was it packed. I was greeted by Lebbo guys screaming out "CHEEEPAAAAH" and enumerating their stocks. There was so much to choose from, and everything was massive.

Exhibit A - Cauliflowers. They may look tiny but they're not!

Just one of the price tags - they're a sight for sore eyes, especially for those looking to save on food expense!

The scenario when you shop at Paddy's Mkts

I love these big Valencia Oranges!

Large gingers, sweet potatoes, eggplants and capsicum. LAWL

Gross looking but extremely delish, FLOUNDERS!

Yup, I spent my morning at Paddy's, just adoring the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. Of course we bought supplies to last us the whole week, otherwise the trip to the market would've been useless.

What I noticed was that it looked (and by that I mean organised) exactly like the markets in Phils, as it is run by Asians, Indians & Middle Easterners. The noise and the hustle & bustle are exactly the same that I felt I was home. The difference was that it was cleaner and less stinky than the ones in Manila and the shoppers were either Chinese or backpackers from Europe.

One more thing that's different about it is that it also has stalls that sell clothing and shoes amongst others. It's something like what we'd call a 'tiangge' back home. So yeah, Paddy's is one of the places you should shop at when you visit Sydney because as we all know, New South Wales has the highest cost of living in all of Australia. Hahaha.

Sydney's Paddy's Markets is at Haymarket, Sydney (Click to view map).

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