Monday, 9 February 2009

Heatwaves are my thing

but obviously not. I always thought the Philippines was H-O-T, but I thought wrong!

Temperatures here reach up to a frightening 45 degrees (west) and up to 40 in the city! I reckon it's much worse this year than any other year, as there's the Victorian Bushfire Crisis and my heart's broken for all those who ended up homeless and alone.

I haven't got a clue as to why arsonists do what they do and end up destroying thousands of homes and lives. Just this morning when I woke up the death toll has risen to 173. What's so good about Australia though is that they've all come together to help all the people out in VIC. And by that I mean a total of $15,182,395 in donations via the 1-800 number, a million dollars from all the major banks, and the relief funds from the government. Just now, the cricketers are raising money to donate as well!

However, in Queensland, there's a great flood at the moment making people lose their properties. It's great that the rains have stopped, and that's one less problem.

I hope things get better soon in Victoria, so people can start rebuilding their lives. I can't do much to help (as I am quite broke from traveling to uni last Friday) and it sucks but this is the number to call should anyone feel like pitching in to help out in this devastating event.


Better, more positive/happy blogs to come soon - I'm getting there. Lol


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