Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh, goodness me.

I've been here in Oz for a week already, and it was composed of many firsts too. I got my first bank account (Commonwealth Annandale FTW!), and I am currently waiting for my keycard (what would better be known in Phils as an ATM card haha). It was a smooth transaction, thank you to wonderful Ali who didn't really ask for so much details and gave me a good interest rate.

I also got my new phone, thanks to the very very accommodating Drew at Three right across the Myer food court in the city (sorry I didn't look at what it's called). I got a U990 that came free with my $29 cap and I reckon it is a great deal :-D At first I tried to get it from that loser (!!!) at Three in Broadway but he was being a dickhead lawl. Anyhow it's all good now. I've also had it set up to be able to call anywhere in the world & for the bill to be automatically debited to my CommBank account.

On to more interesting things, yesterday, I went to the Post Office where I attempted to send mail for the first time (!!!) and it was more or less a fail/success. First I created my own queue and had to be sent back to the far end of the real queue. LAWL. Then, when it was finally my turn, I was able to buy a stamp for $2.20 (my mail was being sent to my good friend EM in Mississauga, Ontario). That was a good one. After sticking the stamp to the envelope, I went outside Norton Plaza where the post boxes are. As soon as I got there, I saw 2 boxes, one red, one yellow. The red one had 2 slots and the yellow had one. I was sure not to chuck my mail in the yellow canister as it was the express one, meaning I would have had to pay more. The red one was the box of choice, but I didn't know which slot. To make the long story short, I reckon I chucked my 1 month late Christmas card in the local box. Hah. I'm sucha freshie.

Oh and the other day my mum and I took the 440 bus to Town Hall to meet my Aunty so we could head out to Rooty Hill together. I was sitting there, waiting for the closest stop to Town Hall and when I saw it I pressed the stop button. I thought of course that it would stop. BUT IT DIDN'T. So I went to the bus driver and said, "Hi, isn't this the stop to Town Hall?" He goes, "Well I can't really drop you off here cos it's not a stop." I was so embarrased cos the bus was fucking full. HAHAHAHA. But nothing to worry about, we were dropped off at Queen Victoria Building where I ended up combing through Coach, Ferragammo, Oroton and Marcs. LOL. However, tomorrow's a different story. I've got to get the stop right because I have to arrive early at Uni. Lol.

Today, of course I had another chance to embarrass myself and show everyone what a FOB I am... Haha. I went to Bankstown where my Uni's at (UWS Bankstown Campus) with my Mum & Uncle. As soon as we got off the train, we went to the bus stands. I knew we had to get either a 900 or a 922 bus to get to Uni. My uncle being the great person that he is, thought he saw a 922 bus and jumped right in saying "3 adults to UWS please". Turns out it was a 925 bus going to the East Hills. HAHAHA. Okay it was prolly my uncle who got embarrassed but I was the first one kicked out of the bus. LOL.

No worries, today's turning out to be pretty great. Went to George Street after a very filling Portuguese lunch at Nando's. I was able to get myself new thongs (i.e., flip-flops!), and a few tops for a total of $65. Thank God for End of Season sales!!! Technically I got everything for $45 cos I got a gift certificate of $20 to spend in February for spending over $50 :-D Haha. YAY ME.

So yeah. Tomorrow's another day for mishaps, and I'm sure there'll be good stories to tell as it will be my first time to travel alone to Rooty Hill. KEEP 'EM FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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