Thursday, 22 January 2009

And so it begins!

7.09am in sunny Manila and I am waiting for my 9.00am flight to heatwave Sydney. I'm at Philippine Airlines' Mabuhay Lounge and it smells of Chinese. I have no idea why but there's only old people here it's not even funny. UGH, what a way to start the morning. And you call it a lounge? Haha. I can't complain, there's free internet.

I didn't sleep the entire night obviously, due to excitement and an attempt to hold back all tears. Emotional as it sounds, I find that I will miss Manila - the traffic (but not really) and the hustlin' and bustlin' of everyday. I'm being contemplative and reminiscent of all the good things the Philippines has to offer while getting myself hyped for all the new experiences I'm about to have in Oz. Most of all, I'm thinking about the people I'm leaving behind and I'm sure as much as they're all sad about our parting ways they're as excited as I am. Meanwhile, my mother is busy getting her roaming service to work.

My eyes are starting to hurt from the sun and it sucks. I think I need sleep but I'll stay up until I get into the plane. Not to brag (this is really more like an exciting moment for me that I just want to share), but Mum and I got business class seats! :-D We didn't really purchase it (duh), but we just got it off our Miles thing. I'm so excited. Recaro reclinable almost bed seats and L'Occitane toiletries! :-D

In 8 hours (+3 due to timezone differences) I will be arriving at the Sydney airport. It's my 3rd time in Australia and this time I'm staying for the long haul. That is the basic reason why I'm starting this blog, just to keep everyone posted and stuff. It's all so exciting for me and I'm sure I'm gonna have such a mad time.

I'll finish uni there but for now ('til late Feb) I'll just be on holidays/bumming around. Being a bum has been my job for the last maybe 6 months and I'm used to it. In a week's time I should be able to get around the community on my own and head to the uni for some important, dorky, academic stuff.


Now, since I'm still pretty new (but a bit familiar) with Oz, I need to get used to the slang and find some things to get busy with. What do you guys suggest I do for the next month? Give me some ideas and I'll probably do them anyway, just as long as I won't die of some weird totally hilarious accident. God forbid.

Well I begin this blog in Manila, just as I'm about to depart to a new land of great opportunities and a wild ride. You'll hear from me as soon as I arrive Down Under. Should be fun aye? :-D


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