Saturday, 24 January 2009

First class all the way

But not really. Hah, I must say, I enjoyed flying business with Philippine Airlines, that’s all I can say. It was a smooth flight, and most importantly, I was pampered. I felt sick throughout the eight hours and got meds and 3 hot cups of tea. But of course it wasn’t the only perk. Hah, sorry I’m amazed. I’ve always flown coach as it is the practical choice. I’m not shy to say I’m ignoramus when it comes to flying business because I never have until my flight to Syd.

It was so enjoyable to eat really nice appetizers - tiny bread filled with some sort of paté, a 2-cheese & fruit & nut bowl (wine included!) and fresh fruit. The main course was delectable as well; we were served with either fish, pork or beef (i chose beef). I got a massive slice of beef tenderloin in glazed onions with steamed zucchini & carrots on the side. To top it all off, we were served watermelon & melon (lawl) alongside with a cup of mocha/chocolate mousse.

More than that, the seats were nice and spacious. :-D I was able to sleep nicely for half of the flight, and the rest of the time I just enjoyed the luxury of a smoother, less noisy ride. Overall, I can say I had a good flight to Oz, discounting the fact that we left late (due to airplane traffic, lol). We arrived on time anyhow.

Moving on.

I arrived on the 21st as well at around 8.15 in the evening, Oz time, and we went to Leichhardt straight away. I’m staying there at the moment as Phil’s (my habib haha) has Canadian occupants (our aunty&uncle!). It’s a quaint flat and there are 12 tenants. It’s also just about 15 minutes away from the city which is pretty good.

So yeah that was Sydney on the first day, and I was surprised by almost unbearable 35-degree heat. :c


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