Friday, 1 January 2010

In 2009

So many things happened, and I can't believe it's (almost) over! I'm a big fan of lists, so here's one to tie the 2009 bag of craziness up!

  • Had my first New Year's eve outside of home
  • Moved to Australia
  • Learned to do house chores (or had to... lol)
  • Started my B Psych degree in UWS
  • Drove on the other side of the road
  • Learned Spanish
  • Spoke more German than I ever have
  • Went to Melbourne with friends (!)
  • TURNED 21! (Can't wait to go back to Vegas!)
  • Started paying my own bills
  • Learned to take public transport
  • Dated, dated, dated
  • Watched a play and 2 musicals
  • Got a job
  • Went to Queensland with a friend
  • Visited heaps of museums and art galleries
  • Travelled overseas by myself (back to Manila)
  • Applied and got accepted to move into my own place (though in uni) for 2010
  • Met a wonderful, wonderful boy <3
It has been a fun-f'in-tastic year with lots of ups and downs. I met heaps of different people, fell in love, got dumped, slept a lot, and spent much of my time by myself a lot. I can't say it was brilliant all throughout, but it has definitely been such a good way to finally grow up. Without further ado, I bid 2009 a big fat good bye and welcome 2010 (a new year and a new decade) with a big fat HUG!!! Cheers, prost, salud, what have you, just have a blast!

¡Prospero Año Nuevo a todos!
Ein Glückliches neues Jahr zum Alles!!!

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