Monday, 17 January 2011

Singapore, Singapore!

The country that is a city in itself. Full of Asian people, but not really Asian in its ways. It's really interesting, if you ask me. I spent 4 days there, and happily observed the consumerism that engulfed its people. I guess in those 4 days, I became one of them. Walking in and out of stores and just admiring the myriad of products that are available in such a small place!

Coming from Australia where fashion and signature brands are limited, and growing up in Manila where shopping is a day-to-day activity, I think it's safe to say that Singapore tops them both when it comes to the range of brands available! There are also just so many shopping centres!!! To illustrate:

Walking out of Bugis station, first big structure I see: a shopping centre.

Another shopping centre - Bugis Junction

More shopping on Orchard Road

Still on Orchard Road

My friend Mirei inside another shopping centre

The way to Ion Shopping Centre

Yes, I told you there are heaps of shopping centres in Singapore. At some point, I couldn't be bothered to remember each building's name. Ha ha.

This is Singapore on a rainy day. (view from the 18th floor on Selegie Rd)

The highlight of this trip was going to the newly opened Universal Studios! I absolutely love theme parks and despite Universal Studios Sinagpore being tiny, I still had mad fun! Credit goes to my friend Mirei for taking all the following photos!

Me at the iconic Universal Studios globe

First stop: MADAGASCAR!

Next stop: The Mummy! Yes, dear friends, this is Imothep. Haha

Far Far Away!!!

At the Met Steps.

With the lovely Beach Boys of Universal Studios Singapore

After such a long day at Universal, off we went to Prince of Wales in Little India. It's a small Australian Backpackers' Pub. As soon as we walked in, I felt at home straight away. We had burgers and chips and a couple of beers (at first. Ha ha)

The streets of Little India

Prince of Wales (PoW) has live bands playing on different nights, and we watched a local girl duo (although we still believe they're migrants from Manila) sing hits of the 90s. It was pretty good. The beers are mighty pricey ($13 a pop!) but it was worth it - there's nothing better than to cap a trip off with ice cold Aussie beers on tap.

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