Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sweet tooth

The last couple of weeks I've been craving for nothing else but cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery. I've been stopping myself (and had people stop me) from getting them because I know I haven't been the healthiest eater, but yesterday I made an exception!

I was shopping at the Myer store in Pitt Street Mall (MAKE THE MOST OF EOFYS IT'S WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!!!) then I just realised that I was going to walk past The Cupcake Bakery on my way to the train home. Excitement rushed through and I paid for my purchases and rushed out into the crowded streets!

Close to missing my train, I knew I had to hurry (cos I wanted to push my limit and do more shopping, lol). I darted across the great amount of people making their way to the trains, the bakery and the news agent (everyone wanted a chance to win the $90M Oz Lotto). Soon as I got there, I knew which ones I was getting!

Red Velvet, Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, Carrot & Sticky Date

The red velvet ($3,50) cupcake is a classic! It's a red chocolate cupcake generously topped with cream icing and a sugar heart. I always end up getting it when I'm not sure which cupcake to get at an unfamiliar cupcake shop. I got this one because I just wanted to make sure it's at par (or possibly, even better than) with my favourite red velvet cupcake, from Sonja's in the Philippines. I wasn't disappointed. With a red velvet cupcake, the first bite says it all. It was moist & chocolatey. The icing was creamy and not too sugary which was perfect.

The strawberry swirl cheesecake ($4,50), is so good that it's unforgettable. It was recommended by my aunty the first time I went to The Cupcake Bakery and it's really worth it. It's got the perfect balance of strawberry and cheesecake. It feels silky in the mouth and it's so flavourful. The base is very interesting, as it's moist yet crumbly when eaten. It's so good!

The carrot ($3,50) cupcake is just as expected. Heavy on the carrot and heavy on the cream creese buttercream. I enjoyed it a lot! I like the fact that the icing was made of cream cheese buttercream - some cost-cutting bakeries just use sugar icing which defeats the purpose of even baking a carrot cupcake! Yummy as it is, the carrot cupcake is topped with a sugar carrot which I reckon is inviting. :3

Lastly, the sticky date ($3,50) cupcake is a pretty good substitute for sticky date pudding. It's the normal sticky date cake with a honeyed date on top and a dollop of caramel icing. I'd still pick sticky date pudding over the cupcake, but this one's really good for a cupcake. Definitely one that outshines lots of the sticky date cakes I've eaten before. :-)

These are just 4 of the many cupcakes that The Cupcake Bakery has to offer. So if you happen to be at QVB, George Street or Oxford Street, make sure you drop by and have a boxful of these little pieces of heaven! :-)


  1. I love this post! More power to The Cupcake Bakery!

  2. @Martin: I hope they arrive in Philippine shores one day! Maybe I'll take 'em, LOL as if! But I am hopeful!

  3. I want to try the strawberry swirl cheesecake. Never had anything similar to it!